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On May 1st, 2022 we moved Kaseya University to a new platform.  We offer you an improved learning experience, and present content from across the IT Complete solutions.  Active Kaseya University users should receive an invite to our new platform.  If you have not yet signed in, or are not seeing what you expect to see in your account, please check all the information below. If this does not resolve your issue, please contact us using the links below.   


How do I know if my Kaseya University account was migrated to the new platform? 

Accounts were migrated if: 

  • Your last login was on or after 1/1/2021 
  • Your account did not have a generic name (e.g. Support User) 
  • Your account had not been deactivated 


How do I log into my account in the new Kaseya University platform? 

We sent you an invitation email from donotreplyku@kaseya.com  
Checked your spam/junk? Still not seeing it? Please keep reading 

Note: passwords require 8 characters, one or more uppercase character, lowercase letter, and number 


I meet the account migration criteria above, but I did not get an invitation email, how can I sign in? 

  • If you have access to the email address associated with your existing Kaseya University account, simply navigate to http://www.kuniversity.kaseya.com and click “Forgot Password” 
  • If your existing Kaseya University account was created after April 12, 2022, we may still be processing your information. Look out for an email from us soon.  
  • If you are an existing Kaseya customer with a Kaseya University account, but you no longer have access to the email address associated with the account, please contact us. 


I don’t meet the migration criteria above and I want to create an account for myself or my team. 

Contact us with you Company Name plus full name(s), and email address(es) of your employees that require access to Kaseya University.  


I’m signed in, but I don’t see all of my content / course progress / certificates.  

If you had made progress on a course, but had not yet completed it, we regret we cannot represent that progress in the new Kaseya University.  However, all details of completed courses and certificates have been moved across. 

Note: we may still be processing some of the data from the previous platform.  If you are reading this after May 15th, please contact us.


Is SSO on the roadmap for Kaseya University? 

Yes! Once you are enrolled in KaseyaOne SSO you will be able to access Kaseya University directly from your KaseyaOne launchpad without entering additional credentials.  More information about KaseyaOne is coming soon! 


Contact Us 

If you have read through all the information above, and still require assistance, please raise a support request with the Kaseya Helpdesk 

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