Software Management - "Known Issues"

Below is a list of current known issues in our Software Management module June 30th, 2017 


Problem (1)Software Management intermittently reports patches have failed to be deployed after 2 attempts.

  • Status - Research is in progress on how to increase reliability.


Problem (2) - Patch downloads occasionally time out on high-latency or low-bandwidth connections.

  • Status - A fix is in progress to increase the timeout period.


Problem (3) - Scan results sometimes return a ‘permission denied’ message.

  • Status - This appears to be related to a networking issue, which is under investigation.


Problem (4) - The patches deployed by Software Management do not always match the patches deployed by Windows Update.

  • Status - Kaseya is investigating this problem at this time.


Problem (5) - In rare occasions, the VSA Agent fails to properly detect the user’s logged in status, which can cause reboot options to be ignored.

  • Status - Kaseya is investigating this problem at this time.


Problem (6) - Users signing on and off are not always being picked up and this impacts the reboot options.  

  • Status - Kaseya is investigating this problem at this time.


VSA versions affected R9.4 with Software Management installed.

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