2FA via Authentication App

Download an authentication app to your mobile device now!

2FA provides an enhanced level of security for your myITprocess account. 

2FA is required for all users in order to log in to myITprocess. You must download or use an authentication application like Authy, Passly, Google*, or Microsoft authenticators and then, via QR code, you'll be able to securely log in to myITprocess.

*Kindly note that only Google Authenticator is supported (Duo is not supported at this time).


  1. After logging in to myIT process, you will land in the Get Started page. Click the Get Started button. 
  2. Scan the QR code and then generate your access code. 
    Note: If you cannot scan, click the Can't Scan? link to generate a setup code.
  3. After successful validation you will receive a confirmation message. Click Done to be taken to myITprocess.

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