December 2022

 V   December 14, 2022

Autotask Opportunities Integration

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Recommendations on the strategic roadmap can now be associated with existing Autotask opportunities or, create opportunities from your recommendations.


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myITprocess Roadmap (subject to change) 

2FA - Coming January 18th.

  • Enforce 2FA for all users
  • Move away from email authentication
  • Allow authentication via QR code and authentication app like Google or Microsoft Authenticator

Calendar Integration

  • Syncing of strategic meetings with your calendar
  • Sending of reports from myITprocess to your clients

IT Glue Organization Sync

  • Enhance sync between myITprocess and IT Glue
  • Allow for syncing automatically

Enhanced Meeting Agendas

  • Allow for other data sources to be added to a meeting presentation
    • Word documents, Excel files, .jpegs, .PDFs


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