Release Notes for Unitrends EndPoint Backup 1.30

What's new in release 1.30

This document describes new features and fixes introduced in release 1.30.
To upgrade to release 1.30, install the latest agent on all protected assets (see Install the Endpoint Backup Agent in the Endpoint Backup Guide).



Release 1.30 includes these features and enhancements:

  • Endpoint Backup agent – This release includes agent version 1.30. Unitrends recommends upgrading to the latest agent version to benefit from fixes, new features, and performance enhancements
  • NEW Configure > Users page – With the user self service feature, you can now view, add, edit, and remove Endpoint Backup users. For detailed procedures, see Working with users in the Endpoint Backup Guide.



  • NEW Asset Log Collection – Error logs provide valuable troubleshooting information you can use to address Endpoint Backup issues. You can now opt to store your assets' recent logs in the Unitrends Cloud. Once logs have been uploaded, you can download and review them in just a few clicks— and easily send an error log .zip file to Unitrends Support so that issues can be resolved quickly. For detailed procedures, see Working with asset log storage in the Endpoint Backup Guide.

    -Enable this feature from the Configure > Settings page:

The asset log feature applies to assets running Endpoint Backup agent version 1.30 or higher. Once
you have enabled the feature, logs are uploaded as tasks complete for assets running the 1.30+
agent. For update agent update instructions, see How to Install/Update the Endpoint Backup agent.

-Download logs from the Task Details dialog. Access the Task Details dialog from either of these pages:
Backup Status > List View or Restore Status. In the Task Details dialog, click Download Logs.

Configure > My Settings – The User Settings page is now called My Settings. Use this page to change your password or enable/disable login with IT Complete:



  • Backup > Jobs – Fixed an issue where assets were not sorted properly in the Job wizard Assets and Selected Assets lists. With this fix, assets are now sorted alphabetically by name or VSA ID.
  • Backup Status > History – Fixed an issue where clicking today's bar in the Assets graph displayed the previous days' data in the Critical Assets list. With this fix, today's data now displays in the Critical Assets list.
  • Restore > File and Folder – Fixed an issue where a Failed to get the list error could occur if you had selected an asset and backup to recover, then changed your asset selection.

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