12/9/2022 - Dark Web ID v2.08.00

This release includes the following new features, improvements, and fixes. 

New Features

  • The "Export All Compromises To CSV" feature has been added to the "Organizational Compromises" page. This feature is available for partner admin, partner agent, and privileged users.
    • You can now export all compromises of an organization entries to CSV from the table. 
      • Log into the Dark Web ID portal.
      • Go to the organizational compromises page for a specific organization. 
      • Select compromises from the list by checking the box next to each and click "Export All Compromises To CSV.


    • Using filters functionality, you can export all filtered compromises of an organization entries to CSV from the table. 
      • To add filters, click the +Add button.


      • Once you select and apply filters, the"Export All Compromises To CSV "button name changes to "Export All Compromises To CSV (Filters Applied). "


      • Click the "Export All Compromises To CSV (Filters Applied) "button to export compromises according to the filters applied.


    • You can export selected compromises of an organization entries to CSV from the table using the Select Operation drop-down. The following two new selected record options have been added to the selected operation: "Download CSV Report For Selected Records" and "Download CSV Report For Selected Records (Obscured Passwords). "



This release introduces Live Data Search UI improvements to streamline the user experience and present data in an easier-to-digest format.

User Interface Improvements 

For a better user experience, we have redesigned Live Data Search (LDS) feature on the Dark Web ID partner dashboard. 

The improvements include the following features:

  • The Live Data Search feature is completely redesigned.


  • Using the search field, you can search for a valid email address or domain name. To improve user experience, the default "@" symbol has been omitted from the field.


  • We have implemented the Statistics block that will display the basic information about: Total Exposures, Password Hits, Earliest Compromise, and PII Hits (First & Last Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers, Birth Dates, and Usernames). The cards represent the statistics data for the specific email/domain, and a message will display on the information icon when you hover over it.


  • The Company Profile button has been introduced on the Live Data Search page. Once you click Company Profile, a new modal window appears with specific company profile information. 



  • The Compromise Count status of monitored values on a partner's dashboard showed "Initial scan is in progress" even after the organization table had been successfully processed. This is now fixed. To check the same, log into Dark Web ID > Organization > Compromise Count column.

  • We fixed an issue where the status of the IT Glue organization shows pending even after the organization had been successfully imported. Log into Dark Web ID > My Organization > IT Glue Integration

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