Cooper Page Overview

The Cooper page, accessed from the Left Navigation Menu, is where you can view all of the Cooper Intelligence Engine Insights from your KaseyaOne modules. You will see insights for workflow integrations, module usage, and training. The collapsed view for each insight will show you the insight title, a brief description, where the insight is from, what type of insight it is, and allow you to snooze the insight so you can address it at a later time. Clicking on an Insight will open it on the right-hand side of the page below the scorecard.

When you first log into KaseyaOne, you will have some insights from Cooper himself showing you how to set up your new KaseyaOne portal. Please make sure to take the time and learn from these insights to make your KaseyaOne experience a great one.

NOTE: Cooper Insights from your modules will only be delivered after you have registered your module with KaseyaOne by enabling Log In With IT Complete (AKA Log In With KaseyaOne). For instructions on how to enable this feature for each of your modules please see How to Enable Log in with IT Complete (AKA Log in with KaseyaOne) Single Sign-on (SSO) for each Module – Kaseya.


You will see the To Do tab when you first navigate to the Cooper page. Here you will see all of your pending Cooper Insights. The Completed tab will have Cooper Insights that have been completed. And the Snoozed tab will have Cooper Insights that were snoozed as to be addressed at a later time.


The Scoreboard in the top-right of the Cooper page shows you the progress you have made in completing your Cooper Insights. The more you complete, the more your score goes up!


Complete an Insight

Completing an Insight can be accomplished in more than one way. If it is a Training Insight, there will be a Mark Complete button that will allow you to complete the insight once you have learned the training material. If it is a Workflow Integration or Module Usage Insight, completing the task described in the insight will automatically complete the insight for you. If an integration is disabled, the insight related to that integration will appear in your To Do list again. The same applies to any Module Usage Insights if you haven't completed the insight usage within the recommended frequency.


Mark an Insight Incomplete

If there is an insight that was marked as complete accidentally or you would like to return it to the To Do tab, you can click the Mark Incomplete button to do so. 

Snooze an Insight

You can snooze an insight for a period of time so that it is not in the To Do tab. Selecting a snooze duration will move the insight to the Snoozed tab. Once the snooze period expires, the insight will be moved back to your To Do list. An insight that is completed while it is in the Snoozed tab will be moved to the Completed tab.


Filter Insights

Above the list of insights, you will see a Filter icon. Clicking on this icon will allow you to filter the insights you are viewing based on the module they belong to or by the category they are in.


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