Home Page Overview

Once you log into KaseyaOne, you will be presented with the Home page. From here, you can access all of the different sections and features of KaseyaOne.

Left Navigation Menu

On the left-hand side of the KaseyaOne home page, you will find the Left Navigation Menu. You can use this to navigate to the different sections of KaseyaOne. Depending on your user role, you may not see some of the sections below.

  • Home - The landing page after you sign in
  • Subscriptions & Billing - You can view your invoices and subscriptions on this page as a Billing user, as well as SSO into the Billing Portal to manage your payments.
  • Cooper - You can view all of your Cooper Insights on this page. They will help you get the most out of all your Kaseya products.
  • Support - You can view all of your Support tickets no matter which Kaseya module it is for on this page as well as submit new tickets.
  • Admin Settings - You can manage users, modules, and security from this page as a Master user.
  • Kaseya University - You can SSO into the Kaseya University portal from this link.
  • ConnectIT Community - You can SSO into the ConnectIT Community portal from this link.

My Account Team

On the left-hand side of the KaseyaOne home page below the Left Navigation Menu, you will find the My Account Team section. Here you will see the contact info for your Account Manager and their Manager as well. You may collapse this section out of view.

Header Utilities

On the top-right side of the KaseyaOne home page, you will find the Header Utilities section. Read below to learn what each icon is for.

Notifications Menu


The Bell icon opens the Notification menu. Here you will see notifications from KaseyaOne with updates to the site as well as your support tickets.

Help Menu


The Question Mark icon opens the Help menu. Here you can access the KaseyaOne Knowledge Base, the Kaseya Status page, the KaseyaOne Release Notes page, the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy pages, as well as see the current KaseyaOne version.

User Profile Menu


The User icon with your Full Name opens the User Profile Menu. Here you can view your username, access the Profile Settings page, and logout of KaseyaOne.


Module Launcher


The Waffle icon opens the Module Launcher menu. Here you can navigate to any of the Kaseya modules you have added to KaseyaOne as well as see all of the available Kaseya modules. Clicking on a module you don't own will take you to that module's marketing page.

My Modules

The My Modules section will have all of the Kaseya modules you have added on the Module URLs tab on the Admin Settings page. Only Master users can add modules to KaseyaOne.

  1. The Gear icon is only visible to Master users. Clicking the icon takes you to the Module URLs tab on the Admin Settings page.
  2. Clicking on a Module tile will take you to the module's login page (configured by a Master user). If you have enabled Log In With IT Complete (AKA Log In With KaseyaOne), you will automatically be signed in.
  3. Clicking the Show More link will expand the My Modules section to show all of your modules.


The Overview section will have widgets showing brief information about Subscriptions, Billing, and Support Tickets. The Subscriptions and Billing widgets will only be visible to users who have the appropriate role. Clicking on a widget will take you to that page respectfully in KaseyaOne.

Cooper Intelligence Engine

The Cooper Intelligence Engine section on the right-hand side of the page is a more compact view of the Cooper page. Here you can interact with Cooper Insights to learn more about how to get the best out of your Kaseya solutions.

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