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12/02/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.67

This release includes several improvements.


  • Improved active directory functionality: Active directory page now feature following additional functionalities. 
    • On the Edit Directories page, you will see two radio button options: Groups & Targets. 
    • You can now import Targets from their active directory to BullPhish ID. Once Targets have been Synced, the radio button isn't available and you will see a notification "Targets have been imported under the group" when you hover over it.
    • Added Refresh Sync button.
    • Sync Now the upper-right corner of the active directory page.


To test the new changes, you can create a new integration with the active directory or click the Pencil icon or hyperlink (Refer to the arrow) on the Directories page. 


After clicking the pencil icon on the Directories page, you will be redirected to the Edit Directories page and see a list of Groups previously synced from the active directory. With this release, you can sync all existing Targets from the active directory to BullPhish ID. 

  • Click the Targets radio button.
  • Name: Create a new group name. All targets will sync to this specific group from the active directory. For example, BPID-Group. 


  • Click Preview. The Preview modal window displays only displays a list of 20 target names and emails in the directory. For example, if there are 40 targets in the group, the preview button will only show 20 targets as a sample. 
  • Click Close to go back to the edit directory page. 


  • Click the Sync button to import all targets from the Azure/Google directory to BullPhish ID under the created group name. Once targets are successfully imported, the Targets radio button will not be available. 


When the user selects sync now, the status of all groups change to Syncing. Click Refresh Sync button or refresh the page to update the table with Synced Group targets.  The Refresh Sync button updates the table to display accurate information regarding Synced Groups, this includes:

  • Status changing from Syncing to Active
  • Last Sync dates are updated to the most recent synchronization
  • Added Users, Removed Users, and # of Targets are updated to the current synchronization 




  • We have added a Sync Now button to the upper-right corner of the active directory page. The Sync Now button triggers a syncing processes for all groups, which are displayed in the Synced Groups table. Sync Now works in the following ways:
    • It creates a new job to resync all existing synced groups.
    • Existing targets get updated if any changes were made in the Azure/Google directories.


Cooper Insight Updates

  • A new cooper insight has been added to your KaseyaOne dashboard. Users accessing the BullPhish ID account and SMB users with no activity in the last 90 days will be sent the insight below detailing the benefits of accessing the account.

" You have one or more users with no activity in the last 90 days" - This insight will check if the account has been active in the last 90 days; if not, the insight will be pushed to your dashboard, reminding you to do the same. To learn more about this insight, visit your KaseyaOne account. 

Please refer to the BullPhish ID - Cooper Insight guide for more Cooper insights.



Training course updates

The following new training courses are now available on the BullPhish ID dashboard under Training Courses:

1. Safe Web Browsing Domain spoofing website forgery


2. Social media Phishing



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