Network Detective Pro - Discovery Agent silent install

The Discovery Agent for Network Detective Pro is a lightweight, streamlined option for collecting local data from specific network endpoints. Discovery Agents generate local scan files that are passed to your site via a secure connection. You can install any number of Discovery Agents for a site, where they will perform local scans on the days of the week you designate. Finally, you can combine Discovery Agents with other Network Detective Pro data collectors to customize your IT assessment for your exact purpose.

IMPORTANT: Prior to building your Discovery Agent silent install script make sure have enabled discovery agents from your Network Detective Pro site. This is covered on page 223 of the Network Detective Pro User Guide  - Step 1 — Enable Discovery Agents from Network Detective Pro site.


Once you have enabled enabled your Discovery Agent(s) in the Network Detective Pro Application you may proceed to download the Discovery Agent Installer msi



msiexec /qn /i DiscoveryAgent.msi /L*V install-silent.log

"C:\Program Files (x86)\DiscoveryAgent\Agent\bin\register-device.exe" -installkey <your key>


You can also append a label and comment to the command above.


Example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\DiscoveryAgent\Agent\bin\registerdevice.exe" -installkey -label "Your Label" - comment "Your Comment" (without the <>)</>


msiexec /x DiscoveryAgent.msi /L*V uninstall-silent.log

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