Network Detective Pro - Unable to change data directory - Windows 11


If you are running Windows 11 and are only able to see the Desktop folder when attempting to change your applications Data Directory (see below), the most likely reason is due to OneDrive syncing. This affects many programs where setting a folder location is an option. 




The workaround is to stop syncing your Desktop folder with OneDrive.

Please Note: The instructions provided in the article below is a TEMPORARY workaround which will allow you set the Data Directory usng Network Detective. Once you have set your data directory you may proceed to re-enable the OneDrive sync with your Desktop.

The following Microsoft Article provides instructions on how to get around this issue.

Important: Before proceeding, copy the files in those special folders to another folder or external drive. Please don’t copy them anywhere under Desktop/Documents/Pictures. This is because disabling OneDrive backup for a folder erases the local copies of the files. Copying them to a different location beforehand will ensure that you don’t need to download them again from the OneDrive cloud.


  1. Right-click the OneDrive icon in the Notification area and click Settings.

  2. Select the Backup tab, and click Manage Backup

  3. In the Manage folder backup dialog, click on the Stop backup link for "Desktop"

  4. Click Stop backup in the confirmation dialog that appears.

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