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Nov 15, 2022

The November 15, 2022 Release contains the following feature:


Datto EDR Integration

The recently released Datto EDR can be integrated with, and feed alert data to RocketCyber.


What is Datto EDR?

Datto EDR's cloud-based platform leverages forensic triage methods to independently inspect and analyze endpoint devices (workstations and servers). The platform consists of a cloud-based Console and Analysis engine hosted by Datto, and endpoint agents for devices and real-time security.

EDR inspects volatile memory and collects comprehensive endpoint forensic data across Microsoft, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It combines this information with threat intelligence sources and patented artificial intelligence-driven analysis to provide a Forensic State Analysis (FSA) of all endpoints.


What does the integration with RocketCyber do?

Alerts, the data about the event, and recommendations will be shown in the Datto EDR Monitor app's "triage view" and in any subsequent Incidents created from them. The Managed SOC can review and recommend response, giving you a Managed Detection and Response capability for your customers and users.




You can authenticate to Datto EDR, map your customers, and start receiving events.


For those using the Datto RMM integrated version, our Datto RMM support team can assist you in getting what you need to set up your integration.

Please click here to learn more about Datto EDR

Please click here to read more about how to set up the integration


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