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11/03/2022 BullPhish ID Release Notes v2.65

This release includes improvements and fixes.


Improved Directory Sync: Added support for Dynamic and Nested Groups

BullPhish ID now supports dynamic and nested groups for both Azure Active Directory and Google Active Directory. With this enhancement, users accessing the Directories page can now sync all groups to BullPhish ID. 

The new dynamic and nested groups will be located under the Group Selection drop-down menu on the Edit Directory page alongside regular groups. 



Directories Page 

For a better user experience, the Directories page has been revamped. These improvements include the following changes: 

  • Users will now be able to exclusively see organizations linked to an active directory.
  • Users will now easily engage with information through a simple table that specifies organizations, types of directories, and statuses.
  • A dedicated Add Directories Sync button with an updated modal designed to sync an organization to its respective directory.
  • A new search bar with filters pertaining to the new columns help users with multiple organizations to locate their target more efficiently.







  • Once users successfully save and sync their organizations. The new Edit Directories page opens. Users can import groups from their respective active directories and see all groups that have been synced via the directory, all in one page.


To learn more about the Directories  page, click the following link: Chapter 7.3: Directories


  • Resolved the issue regarding targets being unable to reset 2FAs when logging on to the Training portal. Now, Targets will receive emails and follow the correct procedure for resetting their 2FA. 

Training course updates

The following new training courses are now available on the BPID portal Dashboard > Training Courses:

  1. Insider Risk: Spotting Malicious Insiders
  2. CMMC Level 1: Compliance





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