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Nov 2, 2022

The November 2nd, 2022 release includes the following features and fixes:



New Feature:   IOC Detection app

A new app called IOC Detection will now appear in your App Store. This app allows us to create and modify detections for known Indicators of Compromise in your environments and  rapidly update them based on the changing landscape.


It is not yet on by default, but those who wish to be early adopters can enable the app.  There will be tuning of the app for several weeks before it is enabled for all customers.

Read here to find out more!


IT Complete app launcher for SSO users


We recently enabled the capability for you to allow your users to sign in with their IT Complete credentials. Now, if you sign in using IT Complete credentials, you will be presented with an app launcher that will enable fast switching between the apps that your Kaseya One administrator has enabled for your organization, reducing the amount of time you spend having to navigate and authenticate to other Kaseya apps.


Notes about this feature:


-All management functions for the app launcher and what urls you are redirected to are contained within the IT Complete interface in Kaseya One.


-If a user has SSO set up with IT Complete, but signs in to RocketCyber directly with their RocketCyber credentials, they will not see the app launcher.  The launcher will only be displayed if the user signs in with their IT Compete credentials.




- Added SOC contact information to email template sent from an incident

- Fixed an issue with Firewall Log Analyzer app where events could be incorrectly filtered.

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