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KaseyaOne Release 1.6.0 - 11/02/2022


  • Release Notes – Added a link to our release notes under the Help menu in KaseyaOne.
  • Password Policy – Added the Password Policy section to the Security tab of the Admin Settings page. KaseyaOne Administrators can now change the password requirements for KaseyaOne.
  • Personalize My Modules Order – You can now drag-n-drop to reorder your modules.
    • Globally as a Master User under Admin Settings
    • Personally, each user may override the global settings under Profile Settings


  • User E-Mail column added to the User Management tab – User emails are now visible and sortable on the User Management tab of the Admin Settings page.
  • Clear 2FA code when incorrect – Now when you enter the incorrect 2FA code, your entry will be cleared allowing you to enter a new code without having to delete the previous code.

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