BMS Troubleshooting | Duplicate machine groups in Asset Management


When VSA syncs to BMS, the hardware assets end up under both root.locke and under locke.root.


(The following steps are part of a verification process. They may not exclusively lead to a solution.)

  1. Go to https://<server name>
  2. Go to endpoint Auth > Get/auth.
  3. Input username and password and then click Execute. You will get a token.

  4. Go to endpoint Asset > Get/assetmgmt/assets/assetId.
  5. Enter the assetId in the respective field.
    To get the assetId, go to BMS > Asset Management page. Press F12 (or fn+F12 on a laptop) on your keyboard. A panel opens to the right and reveals the code.
  6. Run a search and find the assetId from the code. The assetId is a long number with many digits. (For example, 751329453359976.)
  7. Copy the assetId from the code and paste it in the assetId field.
  8. In the Authorization field, enter the token that you got from the Auth endpoint.
  9. Click Execute. Check if the machine group is appearing in reverse order or in correct order. If it is still appearing in the reverse order, then the data of this asset on the VSA side might be broken. This is a VSA issue as per the VSA API logs. VSA asset is sending the org name in reverse. It is not a BMS issue. BMS is just the receiver. Contact VSA Support team for further investigation.


If there is an IT Glue integration, that might be a contributing cause.

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